The team from extreme motorsport set to go for it with their brand new hpd honda

honda racingOnly just recently, extremest motorsport bought a couple of brand spankin new and powerful beasts of hondas. They are the HPDARX-04 hard roofed prototype.

The Honda development team today came out and said that it intends to put to the sword their competition with two new HPD prototypes. It’s clear that they are setting their ambitions pretty damn highly for 2015 with these two giant acquisitions into their racing team.

The door thumping arx04b complies with the most up to date regulations of the racing circuit. It also goes along way beyond the basic safety requirements of the competition, which involves setting up a safe rolling style hard top conversion. The particular competition that they intend to enter is the united sporting car champs world endurance race, the Euro Le Mans and the Le Men races over in Asia.

Scott sharp is one of the racers set to use the machine. He was clearly excited about it when interviewed recently. He said he looked forward to continuing his relationship with honda first off. He went on to commend them for their attention to design, safety of the driver and above all the performance of the machine. He said the alot of attention has also been paid to the aerodynamic performance of their cars which is probably one of the major reasons for their success for seven consecutive years. He also remarked that he was surprised about how long the same kind of design had been able to perform so well. This is why he is so confident in Honda as they design great race cars.

Scott went on to say that he is looking forward to continuing to drive these cars into the future and that he looked forward to more success going forward. In addition, he said he was looking forward to testing all the updates and upgrades that come with the new car.

So what’s the new Honda made of?

The new Honda sports a Honda HR28TT twin-turbo v six motor, together with the most advanced type of cockpit technology on the market that has been developed by honda performance and wirth-researchers. This team put together has proven to be very successful so far. Together they have one indy car championships, and le mans and the USA together with the FIA enduro championship of the world, and also the twenty four hour le mans race.

The two point eight liters twin turbo engine comes from the j35 line of motors. They are actually dumped into a lot of honda’s ordinary cars that you can see running about town in most big citys. Now coming in with wire-drive throttle body configuration and a air induction fresh air turbo system, the lag in the turbos is significantly reduced. This offers the driver in the race greatly enhanced performance, responsiveness and reliability that they can trust when they step on the gas it will go with a smooth power curve.

Honda’s extreme motorsport team started competing back in the year ’10 and have had good success since then. The team of drivers has also proven to be a good combination that seem to click well. They are scott Sharp, Ry Dalziel, Mr. Overbeek and Edward Browne. The team is now contemplating a run at the twenty four hour le mans race which will really test their metal. Good luck boys!

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Why big mega star athletes find themselves mixed up with drug abuse

drugs in sportWhilst he was suspended following his being detected for drug use in a test for coke abuse back in ’06, the rugby player Mr. Saillor then saw in the headlines one sports star after another making headlines for much the same thing.

In an interview recently, Sailor was quoted as saying that after he was done, he would just wait for the next ones to pop up. When they did, he was not surprised in the slightest bit. He said when he saw the likes of Ben Cousins, Matthew Johns and others come before the headlines he was not surprised at all.

It seems that the public and the readers and consumers of various sports media, are worked up and fascinated by the fact that such elite and healthy athletes could engage in something so detrimental to their health and continue to achieve at the highest level of their profession. Sadly, they also seem to get off on the falls from grace that happen right before them. THe same people that worship the herculean feets of these sports stars, seem to revel in also watching them fall. Perhaps it makes them feel better to see such great people fail after having put them on a pedastle which was totally unrealistic to begin with anyway.

Had the rugby stay been tuned into this weeks sporting headlines from around the globe he would also have learned about how world class swimmer Jeff hugil was arrested this week for cocaine possession. He would also have seen or read about the drug related death of another sporting figure Ryan Tandy.

The latter, Tandy, was not on the same level as some of the other players we have just mentioned in this article. However, his story comes on the back drop of a lot of controversy and probably notoriety as well. He was a rugby front row player in the NRL. This week he was found dead from what was suspected as having been a drug over dose. He was just 32 years of age. Earlier a few years back he was even more well known for a game fixing problem. That scandal actually ended with him being given a ban for life from the rugby league from which he was expelled in 2012.

What we see at work here is some sort of roller coaster ride that maybe they also get addicted to. The outcome that Tandy has suffered and the scandals he was involved in stand in stark contrast to the jubilation the jeff hugil experienced in ’10 when he resparked his swimming career miraculously. hugil has been interviewed before when he reported having been living a life of daily boozing and big fat cheesy pizzas that saw his weight saw to almost 140kg. He was also quoted as remarking that had he not stopped he may not have lived beyond the age of fourty. After turning it around, losing fourty odd kgs, and winning Australias only gold at the commonwealth games in ’10 was a great feet to say the least.

Recently, Hugil seems to have really undone a lot of what he salvaged back in 2010. This is because he was caught with cocaine on him and his wife after a day at Randwick races. Hugils previous partner in his personal business was quoted in an interview as saying that jeff would need to do a fair bit of smoothing over now if his public speaking career is to have any life left in it. This is because he was giving motivational talks about his famed come back and charging $10,000 for each speech he gave. The problem for him now seems two-fold: how do you give a motivational speech without a happy ending? And also, he is a swimmer. They don’t seem to be able to get away with the bad boy thing as easily as they can in the AFL and NRL codes.

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